Remain faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life. REV 2:10

In Memoriam: Sister Annette LeDuc, D.C.

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Graveside burial services for Sister Annette LeDuc, D.C., were held June 4, 2020, at Marillac Cemetery in Normandy, Missouri. Sister Annette was buried next to her sister, Sister Helen LeDuc, D.C.; a Memorial Mass will be held at a later date. Sister Annette died on May 29, 2020, at The Sarah Community, Bridgeton, Missouri. She was 96 years of age and 61 years vocation as a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.

Sister Annette (baptized Onita) was born December 28, 1923, in Highland, Illinois; one of four girls and three boys born to Alvin J. and Orda M. (Heinrich) LeDuc. She was a 1955 graduate of Soldan High School in St. Louis, Missouri and entered the Community of Daughters of Charity in June of 1958.

After completing her initial formation, Sister Annette was missioned to Marillac College in Normandy, Missouri, where she served as a Typist in the Office of Registrar (1959 to 1960); then, she served as an Accountant at O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, California (1960 to 1966). Sister Annette served for one year as an Accountant and Portress at St. Elizabeth Home in New Orleans (1966 to 1967) before returning to the St. Louis area where she would serve for the next 22 years. Sister served as an Accountant and, a year later, added Director of Purchases to her Accountant position at St. Anne Home (1967 to 1975); as Director of Purchases at DePaul Health Center (1975 to 1976); and as an Accountant in the Treasurer’s Office at the Marillac Provincialate (1976 to 1989). In 1989, Sister was missioned to Marywood (Home of the Holy Infancy) in Austin, Texas, where she served as an Accountant (1989 to 1991). Sister next served on the Hospitality Team at the Marillac Provincial House in St. Louis (1991 to 1994). She returned to Texas where she served as a Volunteer at St. Paul Medical Center, Dallas (1994 to 2001) and St. Paul University Hospital, Dallas (2001 to 2004). In 2004, Sister Annette entered the Ministry of Prayer at The Sarah Community in Bridgeton, where she served until the time of her death.

Sister Annette was preceded in death by her parents; two sisters, Sister Helen LeDuc, D.C., and Lorna Kelly; and brothers Lester, Milton, and Virgil LeDuc. She is survived by her sister, Linda LeDuc; nieces and nephews; many friends; and her Sisters in Community.