our mission

aiding THOSE most IN NEED

Moving swiftly to meet urgent needs

Since our founding days in 1633, the Daughters of Charity have followed
St. Vincent de Paul’s direction of working and living among those we serve. He called on the Daughters to move freely through the city, aiding the poor and addressing the most pressing issues of the day. Today, The Daughters of Charity continue this legacy and work in the streets, schools, and hospitals to help the poorest and most marginalized individuals. We are dedicated to reaching and empowering those in need, working at their side in the toughest situations and most deprived environments.

Our mission is focused on addressing basic human needs among the poorest communities, including providing food and water, shelter, healthcare, and education. We prioritize migrant and refugee assistance and serve victims of human trafficking. Addressing issues of poverty and healthcare reform are paramount. From national advocacy to aiding the poor in local communities, we work at every level to achieve meaningful and lasting change.

Every Daughter believes in the powerful combination of compassion and strength. With empathy, respect, determination, and optimism, we get to the heart of what individuals need, bring the joy of faith into their lives, and provide support to improve situations. In touch with the realities of those we serve, we have the knowledge and first-hand experience to identify issues and make an impact where it matters most.