social justice advocacy

working for Systemic change

Campaigning for social justice

The Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to the practice of justice.
St. Vincent calls us to live the evangelic spirit of Jesus Christ, particularly in the practice of humility, simplicity, and charity in our ministry to persons living in poverty.

Our Constitution describes our chosen path:

The simplicity that leads them directly to God helps them:

To seek and love the truth and defend it in situations of injustice

To be transparent, authentic, and consistent in their words and in the way they live (C. 18)

Collaborating with others and working with local, regional, and national governments, and in concert with other humanitarian and religious Non Government Organizations (NGOs) at the United Nations, we focus on issues affecting the needy and marginalized. Above, Sister Margaret O’Dwyer, D.C., poses with a banner of some of the sustainable development goals.