Monday 06.05.2017

Seton Center Receives Grant to Help with Dental Program

Good dental hygiene is important not only for appearance but as well as health. However, it can be a bit hard on the pockets too.

The Seton Center in Emmitsburg received a $20,000 grant that will be going towards it’s DePaul Dental Program.
The program is for dental patients 18-years and older who don’t have dental insurance or can’t afford it.
Although the dental progrm has been there since 2006, this is the first time they received a partnership grant from Frederick County.
“We have figured out that the average cost for one person, because of [the] type of work that needs to be done, is about $1,250. As you can see, $1,250 is a lot of money,” said Sister Martha Beaudoin, Seton Center.
With this grant, officials at the Seton Center said they will be able to help about 15 people.
To learn more about the Seton Center’s DePaul Dental Program, click this link.

Article and pictures originally published by WHAG-TV.