where we serve

Our ministries constantly adapt and evolve to meet changing needs. Our province serves in 21 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and on every continent except Antarctica. We strive to address the most pressing issues in society. We dedicate our lives to caring for the abandoned, sick, most deprived, and those most in need. To aid these persons, we focus on healthcare, education, social service, parish ministries, humanitarian activities and more. We can be found serving in the following areas:

We offer spiritual guidance to bereaved families, those who are house bound, and individuals without access to a parish or priest. Sisters serve as chaplains in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, and migrant communities. We help individuals prepare for sacraments and support them through listening, discussion, and prayer.


We teach in nursery, primary, and high school to provide education to those in need. Sisters minister in universities, offer counseling to students, and help young adults organize youth ministries and volunteer programs. Sisters also mentor young offenders and children lacking parental support.


The Daughters of Charity have a long history of working in hospitals and providing healthcare to individuals lacking these essential services. We provide care to the elderly, help those battling addiction, assist the disabled, and provide healthcare and nursing to children and adults with little or no access to medical attention.


Our Sisters work in prisons as counselors and spiritual advisors. We regularly visit prisoners to offer friendship, spiritual guidance, and support. We also maintain contact with families and help prisoners establish positive futures upon release.


We provide many different services to help the homeless, women who are abused or denied equal rights, refugees, migrants, and orphans. We provide basic resources such as food and shelter, education, language and job training, and legal services. We work to aid and empower each person with respect, friendship, and compassionate care.


In addition to serving in neighborhoods across our Province, we also minister in foreign missions. Collaborating with Daughters in other countries, we travel to poverty stricken areas of the world to help the poorest individuals lacking essential resources. We work in schools, parishes, hospitals, orphanages, and social agencies to secure necessary aid and improve the quality of life for those most in need.